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10 Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween

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Who doesn’t love getting together with friends, grabbing tons of junk food and hot chocolate (or wine!), and getting under a warm blanket to enjoy a movie night in the fall? Even better, who doesn’t love doing that in October and including your friends in a movie night fright fest? We know we do! Whether they’re funny or scary or a little bit of both, everyone should be able to enjoy a good Halloween movie this October (or whenever for that matter!). Some are family friendly while others are better for an adult audience only, but there’s definitely something for everyone on this list. So for all you ready to get into the spirit of things, here’s 10 scary movies to watch this halloween season:


Hocus Pocus

scary movies

This movie is a Halloween classic, to say the least! It’s more funny than scary but definitely worth the watch. The story of three witches from 17th century Salem who are resurrected in the 20th century on Halloween by a teen named Max. Full of funny hijinx and witty one-liners even adults will find hilarious, this movie is perfect for the whole family.



scary movies

Whether you’re 14 or 40, we can almost guarantee you’ll be delighted by this movie. There’s a bunch of sequels but the first one is definitely the best of the bunch. The story centers around a young girl who learns she’s a witch and has to fight the good fight in order to help save a town filled with supernatural creatures. Plus, the town where it was filmed actually turns itself into Halloweentown all over again every October for Halloween … pretty cool, right?



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This one is genuinely witty and one of the most creative movies there is. A couple of dead ghosts have taken the time to make their humble abode their very own and decorate their surroundings just how they like … until the new owners arrive. At first the ghosts try to scare them off, but these owners aren’t about the leave that easily!


The Addams Family

scary movies

We all know the Addams Family and that catchy little tune that comes along with them … now imagine a full length version of that! (The show, not the tune lol). This weird and zany family is always a treat to watch and the film is, if not your typical scary movie, extremely entertaining.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

scary movies

Tim Burton films are always great, but this one is truly at the top of the list! The story follows Jack Skellington who is king of Halloween Town. One day, he stumbles into the neighboring town of, you guessed it … Christmas Town! And the rest of the story … well, you’ll just have to watch it and find out!



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There’s the new TV show, the remakes, and best of all … the original movie. In true horror movie fashion, Scream centers around a serial killer on the loose looking to take their next victim. This is one of those original horror movies that everyone needs to see at least once!


The Shining

scary movies

This movie is my all time favorite horror movie of all time … and it’s not just because I have the infamous “Here’s Johnny” scene stamped on the pocket of my favorite tee shirt I own (true story). Throughout this movie, you slowly watch the main character go more and more insane until things eventually end with a bang. Simply put, this is one of the best horror movies in cinema history.


The Conjuring

scary movies

If you enjoy all things paranormal, this is the movie for you. Based on true events, it tells the story of a family that is being terrorized by an evil presence at their farmhouse and the paranormal investigators who are sent to figure out just what exactly is going on. Plus, you’ll never want to hear someone clap in the dark again. Guaranteed.


The Babadook

scary movies

If you’re looking to hide under the covers in your own home, this one is for you. The movie centers around a single mother and her son, after the violent death of her husband. Her son has a constant fear of monsters and eventually they uncover a book in their house containing the story of the “babadook” monster that hides in the deep, dark corners of their house. Let’s just say you’re gonna want to sleep with the lights on after watching this one.



scary movies

In my opinion, this is one of the scariest horror genre films to come out in the last few years. From beginning to end, it’s like one big, scary, horror filled ride. It involved tons of creepy old film footage, mysterious dark figures, and more insanity than you can ask for in a typical horror movie …. watch it.

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