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Meet Sierra and Susan

We are a mother-daughter duo who love traveling, whether that means driving across the country in the car, flying across the globe by plane, or sailing the seven seas on a luxury cruise liner! We have an immense sense of wanderlust and cannot seem to stay in one place for very long. Since we have traveled so many different places in the last few years, months, and weeks and have had the opportunity to experience so many different activities while immersing ourselves in other interesting and amazing cultures, we have picked up a lot of helpful tips and tricks along the way. Now, we want to share those tips and tricks with you! We want to inspire you to travel further and wider than ever before and explore other cultures, countries, and ways of life. We want to share our experiences with you and show you a little bit of what this big, wide world has to offer. Who knows, maybe it will stir up a little bit of wanderlust deep inside yourself too and when it does, you’ll know all the best destinations, ways of travel, and exciting adventures you want to take already ;). So pack your bags, buckle your seat belt, and come along for the ride!


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