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How To Keep Red Hair Vibrant

How To Keep Red Hair Vibrant


As most of you guys can probably tell from the multiple pictures on our site, I have a huge problem with sticking to one hair color. It switches between the normal ones like blonde and brown to more exciting ones like my current favorite: RED. And not just any red but vibrant, bright red. As much as I love it, it truly is the toughest color to maintain and keep the color you want without extraordinary amounts of fading. But there are plenty of tips, tricks, and most importantly products that can help you keep your fiery locks looking good for longer! Here’s my personally best tips for how to keep red hair vibrant:

How To Keep Red Hair Vibrant

First off and I am going to put this in caps because it is so so so important. If you’re not having your hair colored professionally and opt to do it yourself … USE A GOOD DYE. That cheap drugstore hair color you love so much because, well, it’s cheap? Nope, not gonna cut it. If you want to truly commit to your color and make it last as long as possible, you’re gonna need a good quality dye from a place like Sally’s Beauty. My personal favorite is the Loreal Chroma True Reds for Dark Hair Only. This stuff is practically the only dye that got my hair the bright red I was going for and did so evenly. I understand that because it says “for dark hair only” that not everyone can use it and so my other personally favorite dye is any of Ion‘s depending on what color you are going for. They have reds that are blonde and reds that are brown and just plain red so there’s something for every redhead hopeful!

How To Keep Red Hair Vibrant

Next most important to keeping red hair vibrant is products. Everyone has their own favorites and what works for them but some products are just plain better than others. First off, always wash your hair in cool water. Always always always. Otherwise your dye is going to come out and fade so much faster than it would otherwise. On top of that, don’t wash your hair every day. This is another thing that will make your dye come out so much faster. Try to shoot for two or three times maybe a week. With red hair, dry shampoo is going to be your new best friend. My absolute favorite is easily Batiste Dry Shampoo, which is only like $8 so it won’t break the bank either!

Now I never really found an absolute favorite shampoo unfortunately, but I have tried Quantum Radiant Reds and even though it wasn’t the best product I’ve ever found it works well enough for me. For conditioner I definitely cannot recommend Aveda Madder Root enough! It’s a color depositing conditioner so be careful to not stain everything in your shower, but my hair always seemed to look a little more vibrant after using this stuff and it definitely prolonged the life of my color.

How To Keep Red Hair Vibrant

Another bonus I’ve picked up on is a product called Inebrya’s Ice Cream Kromask in Cherry Red. It’s a mask that you can throw on your hair whenever you need an extra boost in your color. Otherwise, if you’re really prone to fading it’s something you should be able to throw in with your normal shampoo or conditioner every once in a while. Just like with the Madder Root conditioner though, this stuff stains like crazy so be careful where you put it!

That’s all I’ve got for ya’ll as of now! If any of you have other tips and trips to keep red hair vibrant, make sure to leave them down below for me to read in the comments. As any of you fellow fake redheads know, help is always appreciated ;)



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