Minneapolis Hidden Gem: Truce Juice

Truce Juice

Recently, we made the decision to start eating a little bit healthier and head into the gym a little bit more often than we have been (don’t we all in the beginning of the new year? lol) So to help in our quest, we have been on a journey to find some more health conscious places to eat some still yummy food or have a quick snack! Alas, this is where our newest hidden gem comes from and wow is this place good! If you haven’t heard the news yet (or seen our Instagram/Twitter for that matter) the best new place to grab breakfast, lunch, or a quick snack is Truce Juice in our hometown of Minneapolis!

This cute little place serves up 100% organic fresh-pressed juices along with acai bowls, fresh-made salads, chia pudding, cacao and almond snack bars, and a whole bunch of other tasty stuff! Plus, all of their products are totally organic, vegan, raw, and gluten free. What more could you ask for?!

Oh, and can we talk about the fact that this is one of the only places in practically the entire state that offers acai bowls? This delicious concoction is available on practically every block in places like California. So if you’re like us and can’t afford to fly to Cali whenever you’re really craving an acai bowl, lets just say that this is definitely the place to check out!

Overall, we really liked this place and will definitely return to try some more of the juices and food options that they have to offer. Next time we would love to try the coco-berry acai bowl (which looks absolutely delicious!) … and we wouldn’t stop you if thought about doing it too ;)

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