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Our Travel Wish List For 2016!

Our 2016 Travel Wish List

We’ve traveled lots of exciting places on our journeys but the world is a big place and there’s plenty more we need to see! 2016 is going to be a big year with so much potential and so many things to do and see and experience … we can’t wait for it to be here. There’s a ton of adventure planned for this year already but here’s our 2016 “bucket list” so to speak … welcome to all the places we hope to hit in the near future! Without further ado: Our travel wish list for the upcoming year!

New York City, New York

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Source: Trip Advisor

We have been all over the United States, and yet somehow we still haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Big Apple! We have a feeling that this is winter seasons would be the perfect time to go though … we would love to go for a walk in Central Park, catch a show on Broadway, and maybe do some ice skating at Rockefeller Center if we’re lucky!

Zion National Park, Utah

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We have been to the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, but now it’s time to think about our newest outdoor adventure. This national park features some awesome hikes, tons of scenery, and an absolutely breathtaking view from the top at Angel’s Landing. We’re ready to brave the Utah heat and take on our next hiking journey in the upcoming year!

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

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Source: John Freebee

Although were not exactly the type of people who prefer to pay a tour guide to show us around with fifteen other people, the chance to visit this canyon seems way too cool to pass up. The canyon is located on the Navajo land in Page and includes an upper and lower canyon to explore. Pretty neat!

Patagonia, Chile

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Type “Patagonia Chile” into the image search bar of Google and you’ll understand why this destination is on our bucket list! This location offers the opportunity to skip the tourist attractions and be surrounded by only mountains, forest, glaciers, and miles and miles of stunning natural views. We don’t know about you, but after all the hustle and bustle of the last year … this sounds like a dream come true!

Banff National Park, Alberta

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Source: backpacker

The views at this location look like they should be on the front of a postcard … and they aren’t even professional! We would love to check out the views at Moraine Lake and visit the hot springs. Oh and coming from the great state of Minnesota the winter weather should be perfect for us! ;)


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Now that Americans are legally able to visit this nation, who doesn’t want the chance to check it out?! Everyone wants to get there before it become to overrun by tourists and generally “americanized” but there’s a lot more to the process of getting to Cuba than just purchasing a plane tickets and hopping on a flight over there. We don’t know if we’ll necessarily make it over there this year, but hey a couple of ladies can dream right?

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Source: Travel and Leisure Asia

Chiang Mai has so many amazing things to offer along with an opportunity to immerse yourself into the true Thai culture. In this location we would love to experience everything this place has to offer … that includes the elephant sanctuaries, Wat Rong Khun, and no doubt the Yi Peng Lantern Festival!

Santorini, Greece

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There’s no other place in the world like Santorini. In fact, it’s often touted as one of the most popular “must visit” destinations in the world … and for good reason. The entire place is practically a living postcard. We would love nothing more than to watch one of their infamous sunsets, eat delicious Greek cuisine, and check out the gorgeous architecture.

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    Reply Steph 'The Travelling Teacher' January 18, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Cuba is on my wish-list too and luckily I’ve already got my trip booked there for April. I hope you get there soon! Can’t believe you’ve been all over the USA but not made it to NYC yet, I look forward to your posts from when you do visit. I’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster Award, have a read of my post to see what it’s all about :-)

    Reply Lizzy February 24, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    I’m heading to New York this summer, I’m incredibly excited! It’ll be my first time visiting the USA. Banff National park is really high up on my list too!

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