Sangria & Sunshine: Super Bowl Edition

Whew, talk about a crazy holiday season! Having family in town and entertaining everyone while also preparing food and doing just generally everything that comes with the holiday season can be so stressful and overwhelming, but SO worth it right?! I guess what we’re trying to say is that now that the busy holiday season is (almost) over we are getting our butts back in the game and creating a long overdue post. In big news: Our hometown is hosting the Super Bowl this year!! Pretty exciting for those of us who enjoy sports, huh?! And even those of us who just like the parties, enjoying food and beer with friends on game day, and think the best part is the commercials ;)

In honor of the Super Bowl being in our hometown we decided to create a little bit of a *special edition* of Sangria and Sunshine surrounding all the hoopla of the event and pointing out some of our favorite spots around the Minneapolis area for those of you who are coming to the Super Bowl or just plain interested in the area and the events and everything else going on here now through Super Bowl Sunday on February 4th. This is solely a short announcement giving everyone a bit of a heads up of what’s to come and let everyone know we’ll be back in the new year and ready to write.

Happy early New Years Eve and here’s to another adventuresome year in 2018!

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