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Viva Las Vegas!

Recently to celebrate a September birthday, we rounded up the whole family and headed off to the one and only Sin City to celebrate for a few days! We all know the typical things to do in Vegas like drink and party but there are a lot of people who come to Vegas to do more than sit around and gamble their money away all day … in more ways than one! Here are a few of the non-partying highlights of our trip that we would definitely recommend while in the area:

The High Roller at The Linq

Truly a whole new way to experience Vegas … specifically, from 550 feet above it! There are two options for this ferris-wheel like “ride” … a basic experience where there is no alcohol provided but customers are able to bring on their own beverages if they prefer or a more expensive option where there is a fully stocked, open bar inside of the pod. You can’t go wrong with either experience and the view from the top of the wheel is absolutely astounding to say the least. Totally worth the money and unlike anything else you’ll experience while in Vegas … especially if you choose to go at night like we did when the entire strip is all lit up!

The Bellagio Fountains

Okay, we know this one is totally basic but everyone should see this show at least once while they’re in Vegas! We’ve all seen them in every single movie ever made that takes place in Vegas but they’re even more spectacular in person, I promise. They play all different sorts of songs (while we were there we heard My Heart Will Go On and then 15 minutes later heard Proud To Be An American!) and the fountain shows and lighting that accompanies them switch up all the time. If you can get a spot right on the railing and maybe even hop up and sit on it like we did, it’s definitely a sight to see!

Head Off the Strip and Check Out Fremont Street

As awesome as the strip obviously is, downtown Las Vegas definitely has it’s own old school charm to it. They have tons to see here from live music to Slotzilla, the zip line where people can glide above the crowd down the length of the entire street, to a dazzling light show to the cheapest (and easily the biggest) drinks you’ll find the whole trip! There’s something here for everyone, whether they like to enjoy typically Vegas things like drink and gamble or not!

Check Out Peppermill’s Fireside Lounge

If you plan to go to one restaurant, let this one be it for the experience alone! The entire place is drowned in blacklights as well as covered in mirrors an fake plants. If it sounds kitschy well, thats because it is. But when you’re in Vegas, hey anything goes and sometimes the more weird and interesting the better! Not to mention the fire pit is the perfect place to curl up with friends or a significant other after a long night and, if you dare, the famous 64oz Scorpion bowl is sure to keep the party going ;)

BONUS: Take a Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon


Unfortunately, while we were there we didn’t get to do this one but we’ve heard from many of our blogger friends what an amazing experience it was from those who have! Seeing the Grand Canyon from the ground is an amazing experience in itself but the views from a helicopter always kick it up a notch and gives you a whole new way to experience something like never before. We were thinking about booking before we went but have heard the best way to do this is to call when you’re already there as many people end up cancelling their tours after having a few too many drinks the day of or night before.

The experience of Vegas is unlike any other, whether it’s spent in nightclubs and the casinos or outdoors and just exploring what the Strip has to offer. If it’s done right, the adventures you have there will definitely be remembered for years to come and as much as you might want to share all the crazy stories when you get home, remember … what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! ;)

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